Artworks catalogue, #1

Untitled 1801 in yellow and purple

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Untitled 801.  Mid-calf-length socks in 3 or 4 ply with a decorative leg in lace with metallic filament yarn, and a lace instep. Knitted cuff-down. One lace sock is in conventional style, while the other has a black foot with purple decorative band, decorated in slipstitch. The pattern gives options for knitting the sock in light fingering (3ply) or heavier sock yarn (4-ply and heavier hand-dyed 4-ply), so size can be adjusted by changing no. of sts and/or needle size. (More details here)


Untitled 801

Untitled 801

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Untitled 1700.  A sock intended to exploit the colours and quality of Wollmeise sock yarn, where the cuff resembles a tropical flower and the leg resembles both a twisted flower stalk and the gleaming hank of yarn. This is a plantlike design, so the spirals are not mirrored. The pattern gives the option of either reproducing the flower sock, or of just knitting the leg pattern (also published separately as Opus 1701), to give a conventional sock. There are two separate, fully-written patterns for knitting cuff-down and toe-up, and both patterns include options to knit the sock with a small,medium or large number of sts per row. You can further adjust the width of the sock by using one of two needle sizes. That gives a total of 2 styles, 2 sock-knitting methods and 5 width-adjustments. Foot length is infinitely adjustable. (More details here)


Untitled 1700

Untitled 1700

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Untitled 2101.  Artwork version: recycled, crocheted, circular, cotton-shirt-yarn table mat, using wrong side as top side. This pattern uses both UK and US crochet terminology. Conventional version: the same mat will look more conventional with the right side at the top, and perhaps contrasting ribbon woven through the stitches along the outside edge (more details here).

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Untitled 2101

Untitled 2101 top view

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© Linda OCarroll and Mel Browne


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