801 yellow socks

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Untitled 801

Untitled 801


Untitled series

These are artworks, and the patterns show you how to reproduce the artworks, with options to produce conventional projects.


Mid calf-length socks in 3 or 4 ply with a decorative leg in lace with metallic filament yarn, and a lace instep. Knitted cuff-down. One lace sock is in conventional style, while the other has a black foot with purple decorative band, decorated in slipstitch.

Sizes: Women’s small, medium and large.


Yarn (do not mix yarn weights except for filaments; use all 3ply or all 4ply):

Yarn to complete both socks in main colour (conventional project):

  • (M) 150g/410-450yd of light fingering/3ply or fingering/4ply sock yarn, and
  • (F) 5g/50yd of any very fine metallic filament yarn cobweb/1ply for the leg.

Yarn for the contrast foot (optional artwork project):

  • (B) 10-20g/40yd of black light fingering/3ply or fingering/4ply sock yarn for foot and toe, and
  • (CC) 5-10g/20yd of light fingering/3ply or fingering/4ply in complementary colour to main colour (opposite on colour circle, e.g. yellow/purple) for decorative band.

Needles: 4 dpns.

  • Metric: size 2.5mm for small; 2.75mm for medium; 3mm for large
  • US: size 1 or 2 for small; size 2 for medium; size 2 or 3 for large
  • UK/Canada: size 12 or 13 for small, size 12 for medium, size 11 for large

Other requirements

  • 32 heishi or flat spacer beads with holes big enough to thread on doubled yarn
  • Steel crochet hook to fit through beads (approx 0.75mm to 1mm)
  • 3 stitch markers

Gauge for light fingering/4ply or laceweight/3ply (68-st cuff)

Medium: on 2.75mm needles, 8 st to the inch. Small: on 2.5mm ndls, 9.5 sts per inch.

Gauge for fingering/4ply or hand-dyed 4 ply sock yarn (64-st cuff)

Small: on 2.5mm ndls, 7.5 to 8 sts per inch.

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© Linda OCarroll and Mel Browne


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