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Opus 300

This is a list of hard-to-find stuff; some of it is free. Scroll down for (1) slipper soles; (2) knitting graph paper; (3) dyes for yarn; (4) Tiny tools; (5) yarn cutters; (6) cotton tape yarn; (7) giant needles; (8) daylight lamps; (9) Knit lite needles; (10) Bag-making equipment; (11) Darning eggs and mushrooms; (12) Swifts and ball winders

1. Soles for knitted/crochet slippers

2. Knitting graph paper

Before downloading, check that you’re getting asymmetric graph paper (rectangles, not squares)

3. Dyes for yarn

Dylon info: click on packet images to see colour range.  Click on “helpful hints” tab for dyeing information. 

Kool-Aid info: dyeing guide by Knitty

  • Dylon hand dyes – Amazon search results (dyes cotton or wool; needs salt to fix)
  • Dylon Machine dyes Amazon search results (not yet checked by us)
  • Kool-aid Amazon search results (dyes wool only, needs vinegar and heat to fix; does not dye cotton)

4. Tiny tools for small knit notions bag/tin

5. Yarn cutters

6. Cotton tape yarn

Knits up as aran/worsted on 5mm/US8 needles. Suitable for bags and garments. 80m per 50g.

7. Giant needles, extreme yarn and kits

For books on extreme knitting, see Odds and ends section of our Knitting books page

8. Daylight lamps

Floor-standing lamps

Portable and desk lamps

Daylight bulbs

9. Knit lite needles

Needles that light up

10. Bag-making equipment

Tote handles

Purse frames with holes for sewing through

Interfacing (stiffening fabric, interlining or Buckram), sew on and iron-on (fusible)


  • Fat quarters fabric at Amazon; closely-woven pure cotton, makes lining for medium use
  • Dress lining fabric at Amazon; makes lining for very light use

11. Darning eggs and mushrooms

12. Swifts and ball winders

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