1901 Tunisian belt

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Opus 1901

Opus 1901

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 Opus 1901. Decorative belt in Tunisian crochet with ties at the front, embellished with embroidery if required. Women’s or teenagers’ sizes adjustable: 1.9in wide/5cm; length to fit.

[Help: For Tunisian crochet books, see our book list. For links to free online Tunisian crochet tutorials, see our tutorials list. For Tunisian hooks, see our Find crochet stuff page.]


  • 40g of any aran yarn.
  • Small amounts of contrast colour for edging or use a fancier yarn for effect.
  • Yarn for embroidery if required

Hook: standard crochet hook or Tunisian crochet/Afghan hook in –

  • 6mm, USJ or size 10, UK size 4

Note: if you are using a standard crochet hook, it needs to have a 6mm neck long enough to carry 6 stitches of aran weight.

Other materials

  • Darning needle, size to fit the yarn for the embroidery
  • Beads, if required, with holes to fit 2 strands of edging yarn


The gauge isn’t crucial here – just make sure that the belt will fit the belt loops, if appropriate.

Opus 1901

Opus 1901

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