Clothing or jewellery?

30 Jun
Opus 600 in Wharfedale woolworks merino bamboo and Sirdar Salsa!

Opus 600 in Wharfedale woolworks merino bamboo and Sirdar Salsa!

CableMabel is laid up with back pain so I’m in the driving seat this week. There’s lots happening.

I was knitting curly fries last time. They are so cute. A bit fiddly to knit, because you start with 35 sts, knit into front and back of them all, making 70 sts. Then you knit into front and back of all of them, making 140 sts, which you then cast off. They look super, though, and really finish off Opus 400 nicely.

Remember the beaded cuff (Opus 301) that I said I was taking it slowly with? Well a sudden rush of enthusiasm got that moving again and I finished the prototype last week. It was lovely and our official photographer took some great shots of it but I wasn’t happy with a few parts of the design. So, I reworked the pattern and have just finished Mark II. I have started to show off a little and put beads with 2 different colours in 🙂 I sorted out all the kinks from the prototype and I’m ready to publish this one. I have written up the chart and the instructions and just need to get the pattern checked and the thing photographed.

My first totally solo effort took shape this week. It’s Opus 600 and it’s sub-titled “Ruffles”. I finished the first sock last week and I love it. It’s the first of a series of socks I am going to design that combine a simple foot with an outrageous leg. This one is a short summer sock ideal for wearing with pumps or tennis shoes. It uses so little yarn that it will great for using up odds and ends. This is the first top-down sock that I have designed so it’s new ground for me. Second sock is well in progress so hope to photograph that next week and publish it soon after.

I’m thoroughly enjoying this process and looking forward to more ideas taking shape 🙂



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