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22 Sep
Opus 800

Opus 800

CableMabel has suddenly decided to produce a hat pattern and done it – the things that woman can do when she gets her mind focused! So Opus 1400 has been published – it’s a simply beanie hat knitted in chunky yarn and beautifully modelled by the designer. Have a look  on Ravelry or on our Catalogue on this website.

I have put my Opus 600 ruffle sock to be test knitted and that has started. It’s really exciting to see my design being knitted by someone else. So far, it’s in Germany and the US – tomorrow the world!

I finished Opus 800, diamond socks and Linda has almost finished hers as well. Mine are pink with blue features and Linda has gone for a Christmassy theme with red and silver. Not sure whether to publish that before or after getting it test knitted – will make a decision this week about that.

Knitting for Xmas is starting to invade my time which is fantastic. I love the thinking, the planning, the trying, the swatching, the buying, the knitting, the giving. From early autumn onwards, I am building up to it slowly 🙂 Roll on December!